Parallel double hole barrel screw repair method and matters needing attention?

Update: 2021/01/11

The wear of the parallel double-hole barrel screw is ma […]

The wear of the parallel double-hole barrel screw is mainly manifested in the wear during use, especially when the use time is long or the long-term production of high-filled or glass fiber reinforced materials causes the inner diameter of the barrel to increase. Because the inner surface of the barrel is harder than the screw, the damage of the barrel is slower than that of the screw.
   Parallel double hole barrel screw repair method is as follows:
   1. The diameter of the barrel increases due to wear. If there is a certain nitriding layer, the inner hole of the barrel can be directly bored and ground to obtain a new diameter size, and then a new screw can be prepared according to the new diameter.
  2. Through machining, the inner diameter of the barrel is trimmed and the alloy is recast, and the thickness is controlled between 1~2mm, and then finished to the necessary new size.
3. Under normal circumstances, the homogenization section of the barrel wears faster than other positions. The homogenization section can be bored and trimmed, and then equipped with a nitrided alloy steel bushing. The diameter of the inner hole refers to the diameter of the screw, leaving the normal matching clearance for processing Preparation.
   Parallel double-hole barrel screw precautions:
The screw barrel of the extruder is two important parts, one is a slender threaded rod, and the other is a relatively small and long hole. The machining and heat treatment processes are relatively complicated, and it may be difficult to ensure accuracy during the maintenance of the barrel. Therefore, replacing new parts is more economical than direct repair in some cases. Should it be repaired or replaced? It must be measured from an economic point of view. It is felt that the repair cost is lower than the cost of replacing a new screw. This is not necessarily the correct decision, but can only be said to be a factor in evaluating whether to repair. It may be easier to understand this way. If the repair cost is lower than the replacement of new parts, it is decided to use the repair method, but the service life of the repaired barrel is much lower than the purchase of new parts. It is better to replace the new barrel!

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