Technical characteristics of granulator

Update: 2021/09/10

The shape design of the screw has been changed, and the […]

The shape design of the screw has been changed, and the thread spacing between the screws has been increased. When heating, the plastic can be fully plasticized and melted in the barrel; the diameter-reducing type is adopted, which technically increases the relative service life of the screw.
The design of the barrel is made of 45# steel after being finely processed and quenched to have high hardness and certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and a certain size slot hole is set at the feeding end to facilitate feeding.
Heating system
The heating system is composed of heating rings, which are distributed separately outside the barrel to evenly heat and plasticize the materials in the barrel. Through the control of the instrument on the electric cabinet, the change of the set temperature is automatically adjusted.
Cooling fan
In order to achieve the stability of the temperature in the barrel, a cooling fan is added to the bottom of the barrel in design, and the temperature is automatically controlled when the temperature is too high, which increases the temperature stability of the barrel.
In order to keep the extruded plastics from having insufficient fluidity due to temperature drops, they prevent extrusion. A heating ring with a certain power is specially added outside the machine head to ensure the normal and full discharge of the material. And the discharging hole set on the machine head is of parallel 15-hole type, which increases the discharging volume and increases the production speed. The structure of the machine head is parallel to the extruder head, and the thread is connected with the barrel, which can save time and effort when replacing the screen.
Pelletizing system
After the strips are cooled by the cooling system, they enter the pelletizer for rolling and cutting into granules, which is convenient for packaging. The pelletizer is equipped with a rolling feed wheel, which is driven by a motor to automatically transfer the material into the machine body, and the rolling blade inside the machine body cuts it off.

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