What should be paid attention to during the working process of the granulator?

Update: 2021/04/06

1. Pay attention to the temperature change of the body […]

1. Pay attention to the temperature change of the body at all times. When touching the strip with clean hands and not touching your hands, the temperature should be raised immediately. It is normal until the sliver touches your hand.
2. When the bearing part of the reducer burns, or is accompanied by noise, it should be shut down and repaired in time, and refuelling should be added.
3. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing chamber of the main engine are hot or there is noise, stop the machine for maintenance and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing room every 5-6 days
Add butter once.
4. Pay attention to the operating rules of the machine; for example, the machine temperature is high or low, and the speed is fast or slow, which can be dealt with in time according to the situation.
5. When the operation of the machine is unstable, pay attention to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, and adjust it to loosen it in time.


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