How to adjust the screw clearance of the measuring barrel?

Update: 2020/09/28

 1. The measurement is always at the same place (zero p […]

 1. The measurement is always at the same place (zero point), and a large-end pen is used to mark the screw outlet and the front of the barrel.
 2. Distribution gear shaft, rod and inner wall of conical twin screw barrel. These contact surfaces must be clean. There must be a gap of 0.20mm between the inner diameter of the screw barrel and the rod.
(1) Push the distribution gear shaft back without axial play.
(2) Push the right-hand screw and observe the trend in the extruder (there is no protective plate at the end of the rod).
(3) Push the sliding key to the end of the rod firmly.
(4) Push the right-hand lever firmly to move towards the distribution axis.
(5) Now measure this distance. From the front face of the screw barrel to the outlet face of the right-hand rod.
(6) Push the same rod forward with a copper rod.
(7) Measure the screw extension distance again.

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