How to clean the barrel screw?

Update: 2020/10/19

How to clean the barrel and screw:   After removing the […]

How to clean the barrel and screw:
  After removing the head of the foam wall panel barrel screws, restart the main engine, add parking material (or crushed material), and clean the screw and barrel. At this time, the screw selects a low speed to increase wear. After the stopped material is crushed into powder and completely extruded, compressed air can be used to repeatedly blow out the remaining pellets and powder from the feeding port and the exhaust port until there is no residual material in the barrel, then reduce the screw speed to zero and stop the extruder , Turn off the main power supply and the main cold water valve.
   The safety items that should be paid attention to when cleaning the barrel and screw include: electricity, heat, mechanical rotation, and loading and unloading of light parts. The extruder workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment, assembling and disassembling the head, screw and other light parts to ensure safe consumption.

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