What is the maintenance and inspection of the injection molding machine barrel?

Update: 2020/10/09

Manage the barrel and test for injuries    Precautions […]

Manage the barrel and test for injuries
   Precautions and inspection methods:
  A. After the barrel heats up, remove the nozzle, barrel head coupling, and take out the single screw barrel. Brush the inner wall of the barrel with a copper mesh brush moistened with release agent, and then tie a cloth strip to a long wooden rod to clean the inner hole of the barrel, and inspect the inner wall for cleanliness and damage with light.
  B. In addition to checking whether the inner wall of the barrel is clean and scratched, it should also be checked for wear. The method is to lower the barrel to room temperature and use the barrel measuring instrument to measure multiple points from the front end of the barrel to the periphery of the hopper. The distance can be 3 to 5 times the inner diameter. When the wear is severe, consider re-bore of the barrel and increase the size of the screw accordingly.
  Injection molding machine screw maintenance and inspection content: Whether the non-return ring and the sealing ring are damaged
   Precautions and inspection methods:
  A. The condensed material on the screw cannot be peeled off, otherwise the thread surface is easily damaged. Surface wear of screw edge:
  B. The screw can only be beaten with a wooden hammer or copper rod, and the screw groove and non-return ring can only be cleaned with a copper wire brush. Surface quality of the screw groove (if it is chrome plating, check the peeling condition):
  C. Necessary protective measures should be taken for the solvent used for cleaning the screw, and the solvent should be avoided from contact with the skin


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