The bi-alloy screw barrel has enhanced resistance?

Update: 2021/06/11

The double-alloy screw barrel has the characteristics o […]

The double-alloy screw barrel has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. High adhesion and thickness processing of the film. Nozzle nozzle flange, inner spring nozzle/hydraulic nozzle for better fluidity The plastic, the sealing effect is good. The outer spring nozzle is used for the pa plastic, and the sealing effect is good. The parent-child nozzle is convenient for cleaning the rubber, and the extended nozzle is made for the depth of the mold. The short nozzle general nozzle. The nozzle general Shooting seat. One-piece shooting seat is mostly used for imported precision small machines to pass the rubber head, rubber ring, rubber meson, ring type rubber head group, fork rubber head group. Mixing rubber head group to enhance the color mixing effect. Titanium plating The rubber head group is acid and corrosion resistant. The double alloy rubber head group has good wear resistance.
The double alloy screw barrel adopts centrifugal casting method to form a layer of 2-3mm alloy layer on the inner surface of the barrel. Polysulfone, glass fiber, PPO special types of plastics, etc., the superiority is more obvious. Basic parameters, hardness (HRC): 58-62 Wear resistance: excellent, corrosion resistance: excellent, temperature range (℃): ≤450 Scope of application: production of highly viscous, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant resins. General general resins and engineering resins containing 35% glass fiber, PE, PP, ABS, AS, PS, TPE, PC, PEI, PEEK, PPS, PAR, special engineering Resin, PA, PBT, LCP contains less than 35% glass fiber.

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