The theoretical knowledge of the extruder barrel screw?

Update: 2021/05/06

The extruder barrel screw adopts the ejection method. I […]

The extruder barrel screw adopts the ejection method. If the plasticization temperature range of the raw material to be replaced is higher than the plasticization temperature range of the residual material in the barrel, the barrel and nozzle can be heated to the lowest plasticization temperature Change the temperature, and then add new refueling and continue to inject into the air until there is no residual material in the barrel.
The barrel and screw of the extruder use barrel cleaner. If the injection products are replaced frequently or the residual material in the barrel and the plasticization temperature range of the refill are greatly different, in order to save raw materials and improve work efficiency, use barrel cleaning The agent is more economical. The cleaning agent is a kind of rubber-like substance. It does not melt at high temperature in the barrel. It is softened in the screw groove. When it moves forward in the screw groove, it can take away the residual material and make it inside the barrel. Get cleaned up.
The extruder barrel and screw can be configured with stepless pressure and speed regulation. Linear guide injection instead of guide pillar injection reduces friction during injection and improves injection accuracy (optional). The screw and barrel are made of alloy materials, quenched and tempered and desalinated to improve wear resistance. The injection is made of an electronic ruler made by Gefferan, Italy, and the position control accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm. The manual back pressure device (optional with CNC back pressure) improves the plasticization, exhaust and density of the plastic by the screw. After feeding, a back pressure elimination device is added to prevent the plastic from flowing into the mold when the back pressure of the feeding is used in the production of the product without loosening and causing cold material.

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