What is the relationship between the size of the extruder barrel and screw and the production capacity?

Update: 2021/04/25

The rotation speed of the extruder barrel screw is prop […]

The rotation speed of the extruder barrel screw is proportional to the production capacity, and the rotation speed is proportional to the production capacity of the equipment. That is, the production rate basically depends on the number of dimensions of the speed, the nose and the rod. It has also been confirmed in production. Within a certain speed range, the production capacity is basically proportional to the speed of the rod. This has important guiding significance for production practice, and it is one of the important ways for modern single-pole machines to improve production capacity. If the working capacity of each section of the rod and the machine is satisfied, and the main and auxiliary equipment of the extruder are all agreed, the speed of the rod can be increased to greatly increase the production capacity. The screw size and production capacity, diameter and production capacity, the production rate is close to proportional to the square of the rod diameter D, that is, a small increase in the diameter will lead to large fluctuations in the production rate.

The structure of the extruder barrel and screw is simple and the price is low. It is suitable for the plasticization and extrusion of polymers and the extrusion and processing of pellets. The shear degradation of the polymer is small, but the material stays in the extruder for a long time. It is easy to operate, and the process control is simple. Twin screw extruder has complex structure and high price. The extruder barrel screw has good mixing and plasticizing ability, and the material stays in the extruder for a short time, which is suitable for powder processing. The output is large, the extrusion speed is fast, and the energy consumption per unit output is low.
Extruder barrel screw linear guide injection instead of guide pillar injection, reduce friction during injection, and improve injection accuracy (optional). The screw and barrel are made of alloy materials, quenched and tempered and desalted to improve wear resistance. The injection is made of an electronic ruler made by Geefran, Italy, and the azimuth control accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm. Manual back pressure equipment (optional with CNC back pressure) improves the plasticization, exhaust and density of the plastic by the screw. After feeding, a back pressure elimination device is added to avoid the use of feeding back pressure in the production of products without the need to loosen back when the plastic flows into the mold to produce cold material.


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