80/156 Come Twin (SKD phase set) Cylinder

product name: 80/156 Come Twin (SKD phase set) Cylinder

classification: WPC/SPC Floor Only Barrel Screws

Screw Cylinder Maternal:38CrMoAUA
2Knots Cylinder Alloy Length:1100mm
Screw Alloy Length:1120mm
Whole Cylinder Alloy Length:300mm
Screw Aloy Length:350mm
Screw Cylinder Alloy Depth:0.8-2.0mm
Hardness after Adjustment: HB260-290
Nitridation Depth:0.50-0.70
Surface Hardness after Adjustment HV940-1050
Screw Straightness:0.015
Cylinder Straightness:0.05mm
Cylinder Concentricity. Above 90%
Cylinder Centrad:0.05mm
Cylinder Divided into: Whole and Two Knots
Screw Divided into:7 sections 8 heads,7 sections 6 heads,6 sections 6 heads
Make PVC Crust Foaming Panel, PVC Wood and Plastic Foaming Panel, PVC
Free Foaming Panel, PVC Hard Panel

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