How to repair the screw machine failure?

Update: 2020/09/02

During the application process of the turbine flowmeter […]

During the application process of the turbine flowmeter, due to factors such as process water, calcium and magnesium hardness, PH value, conductivity, total alkalinity, temperature, etc., scaling will occur, which will cause the following hazards: 1. Increase the number of unplanned shutdowns and cause production Discontinuity affects the production efficiency of the device. 2. Shut down for cleaning, increase maintenance costs and additional labor load; 3. Increase chemical consumption and pollution load; 4. Cause production accidents and reduce equipment life; 5. Increase energy loss. Traditional repair methods include shutdown chemical cleaning, shutdown high-pressure water cleaning, adding scale inhibitors, manual mechanical cleaning, shutdown disassembly and replacement, but they are time-consuming and laborious, and the repair effect is not ideal. In view of the above problems, the maintenance methods applied in developed countries are mainly solved by using electronic descalers. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, Dekler electronic descaler is more excellent in terms of operation restriction, prevention of tube scale formation, anti-rust and prevention of bacteria, etc. At the same time, it costs less, does not pollute the environment and water quality, and is in the daily maintenance of screw machines. The proportion of applications is gradually increasing.


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